Sway Taxi is a transportation service based in Hull, UK. Having a digital first approach, they specialise in providing a service that puts the needs of their passengers and drivers at the forefront.
The brief I received from Sway Taxi was to produce a Brand Identity with supporting Brand Guidelines, a new Squarespace Build and provide support to an external agency working on their application.
For the Brand Identity, the requirement was to come up with something that would be eye-catching to a potential passenger or future driver.
After researching differing styles and coming up with a few iterations, Sway decided to use my concept that utilised the typeface Hemi Head. The inspiration behind the typeface was Dodge cars of the 1960/70s era and I felt this was something that worked well with the need to produce something eye-catching with it's bold italic style, as well as having a typeface that had a history that was influenced by the automotive industry.

The brand identity is supported by two differing styles, one as a standardised typeface and the other as the typeface with an outlined rectangular shape with curved edges. The colour palette produced utilises numerous different shades of orange, navy and white.
For the Squarespace Build, I worked closely with the client to understand their requirements for the project. Initially starting with a kick-off meeting to discuss the goals for the website, I then put this into practice by producing a sitemap and wireframes to map out the website.

After signing off on the approach from a user journey point of view, I then created a layout on Squarespace based on my wireframes. The Homepage showcases information about the company, download links to their application, what makes them stand out and snippets of information for other areas in the site such as Support and Careers. The supporting pages displayed are Drive with Sway which sells the companies key points to prospective drivers, Support with Sway which gives information on how the company supports all users, an About page with more information about the company, Careers which lists vacancies, Policies which displays a list of the relevant policies available and a Contact page with a map and contact form displayed.
With regards to the visual side of the project, I used a dark navy, orange and white colour palette that worked with the brand guidelines that I produced. Using dark navy as the body colour for the website with a grain effect, I utilised flashes of orange throughout for iconography backgrounds and CTA buttons with a white and a light grey used for the written content shown. As well as utilising subtle transitions when navigating between pages and scrolling within.


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