Hull Kitchen Studio is a kitchen company based in Hull, UK. They specialise in creating visually stunning bespoke kitchen spaces for their customers.
The brief I received from Hull Kitchen Studio was to produce a new Squarespace Build.
For the Squarespace Build, I worked closely with the client to understand their requirements for the project. Initially starting with a kick-off meeting to discuss the goals for the website, I then put this into practice by producing a sitemap and wireframes to map out the website.

After signing off on the approach from a user journey point of view, I then created a layout on Squarespace based on my wireframes. The Homepage is driven by the use of photography, allowing the user to see snippets of information about the company, a book consultation form, listed ranges, services available and client testimonials . The supporting pages displayed are an Our Ranges page which showcases the listed ranges that the company has available to the customer, Selected Ranges page with information such as product galleries, specifications and colours available, Customer Kitchens with photographs and a link through to the specific Facebook post, About with company information, Contact Details and Social Links.
With regards to the visual side of the project, I came up with a minimal colour palette that was complimented by the strong use of photography throughout. I used a white background for the body of the website with flashes of black and light brown throughout for typography, CTA buttons and other content sections within the website. As well as utilising subtle transitions when navigating between pages and scrolling within.


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